Friday, June 14, 2013

Why creative people should avoid forums?

I have posted the below in two threads of a DIY-audio forum:

I have also cobbled together the 330v version of this 6v6 SE amp:[url]http://...[/url],
as a simple rectifier tube change fixed voltages. To me, very nice, better bass, alittle less top end.
It just wasn't the same sweet musical sound of the RH84, w/ sylvania blk plates, and a harmonix 12at7. Real nice. It is difficult to describe, other than to my ears, it has a  "vey easy to listen to, sound".

I have already had some problems here for commenting on the way my schematics were butchered. Posts just vanish, it's probably due to a conflict of interests. Do authors have any rights? Never mind, that is why I am not publishing any schematics on forums any more, only on my blog.
Therefore, I am NOT commenting on that.
I am commenting on the fact that when "designers" do not posses the knowledge they claim,  problems are bound to happen. Does anyone want to enjoy a RH84 with 6V6? Maybe all octal with 6SL7 driver? Well, all he/she needs to do is apply the driver circuitry of the RH Universal version 2 (totally Universal) to the rest of the RH84 revision 2 schematics.
Yes, those schematics were not available to the public in 2011, but I was available by e-mail... does anyone think I "invented" this approach yesterday? Someone could have asked. But whom can you ask, when the real author is not known...

The post was "offensive" enough to get me banned on the forum. So much for conflicts of interest, rights of the authors: unfortunately, it seems that at least on some DIY-audio forums the "prominent contributors" are moderators as well - they can delete posts that are not in their best interest, and when doing that, no trace remains, no explanation or reference.

It is not the first time I get banned, and I do not care all that much about it. What I do care is the freedom of expression, the fact that such posts get deleted and thus remain invisible to other visitors - who cannot know what has actually happened, why did the user get banned, and what was so offensive about the particular post.

Italians say "oltre al danno, anche la beffa": to paraphrase, besides being offended by someone's disregard of your work (and the fact that your work is subject to plagiarism), one gets expelled from a community for protesting that fact (while it is those who commit plagiarism who should be expelled). "Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like expulsion." (Quote from: Quite the contrary, it seems that in DIY-audio circles plagiarism is considered as normal, logical, and an "expected personality feature of the DIY-er" (to paraphrase one moderator who considers the modification of the schematics of others without mentioning the author of the original schematics, i.e. the reference - as normal and expected behaviour: those who would like to avoid having their work subject to plagiarism should not post or publish their work).

I beg to differ.

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  1. I completely agree with "Why creative people should avoid forums?" Been building high quality amplifiers for over two decades and follow the cut and try approach using paper, pencil and brain. Since the tube sim programs came out people do not cut and try as much anymore. I feel people who rely on the sims to decide on the amp of choice are missing out on half of the fun, besides a simulator cannot give your ears any example of what the circuit may sound like.